Limited Edition

CJ produces strictly limited collection series of jewellery devoted to crypto currency

Each produced collection has a fixed number of jewellery items. The amount of articles is indicated at the beginning of the series production. Each article has its own unique series number e.g. ES001, where ‘ES’ is the name of the series Evo Stage, ’N’ stands for the name of the article, that is necklace , 001 is the ordinal number of the article. Each jewellery item is connected with the bitcoin wallet, having ordered a product you will receive the pdf file with the table of all jewellery articles and their bitcoin wallets. In such a way you can choose the article to be engraved on your jewellery item that you like best. This fact guarantees that there is only one jewellery item of its kind with the unique number. Crypto Jewellery wants each customer to feel unique. Ordering your purchase you become the owner not just of the precious pies of art, you gain the article from the unique collection with the strictly limited number of items. Buying the whole collection you may become the only owner of this or that high quality jewellery masterpiece.  

Evo Stage Collection - 777 sets (5 items in each)

DigiSymbol Collection - 888 sets (5 items in each)