What shipping options are available on CryptoJewellery.com?

Currently, we ship internationally via Post. The shipping takes 14-20 days.

The shipping date includes processing your order, production of the item and shipping itself.

What payment methods are accepted on CryptoJewellery.com?

We accept only BitCoins as a currency as it is a part of our phylosophy. If you have a BitCoin account you can use our simple paying system to fulfill the transaction. Do not have Bitcoin Wallet, click here and get the full instruction on how to get one.

How can I check an order I placed on CryptoJewellery.com?

You can log into your account to track recent orders and update your wishlist as well.

How can i make returns or exachenges?

You can return the product in a saleable condition within 30 days. For this purpose please contuct us via telephone or e-mail. We are paying your attention to the fact that gift purchcase with engraver are considerate to be nonrefundable.

Will my order be in a gift wrap?

Yes. It will be wrapped in our exclusive packaging. A certificate of authenticity, a gift card (signed if prior requested) and polishing cloths are enclosed.

Is it possible to engrave my purchase?

Yes. Please request this prior and we will make an engravior of any coplexity free of charge, but it may add 2 more shipping days.

Caring For Your Crypto Jewellery

Crypto jewellery is a unique masterpiece and if cared for properly can be enjoyed for generations.  Unfortunatelly, air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes can damage the appearance of  precious metals.  Due to this fact, it is necessary to wipe down your jewellery with a cotton cloth after wear. Moreover, jewellery should be professionally cleaned and inspected once a year.
Everyday Tips for Cleaning your precious Accessories 

Cleaning Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver tarnishes in the presence of common everyday items that contain sulfur, such as leather, rubber, chlorine, and perspiration. Other elements to be mindful of are air pollutants and salt water. That’s why we recommend to wipe your sterling silver jewellery  with the the polishing cloth that came with your purchcase. Regular wear of your sterling silver accessory can also help prevent tarnishing. When not in use, store your jewelry in the pouch you received when purchased.
To remove heavier tarnish, wash your silver jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Never use anything but a clean cotton or flannel cloth. We do not recommend silver polish or dip style cleaning solutions, which will remove the antique oxidation that we intentionally apply to many silver pieces to give them their distinctive look. Remember: We recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned once a year.
Cleaning Platinum Jewellery
To clean platinum jewellery, dilute dish detergent in a small bowl of warm water and soak each piece for a 3-5 minutes.  Gently clean your item by using a clean cotton cloth.  To ensure you removed all the diluted dish soap, rinse your jewelry under warm running water, and pat dry with a soft cloth.  Be sure to dry your jewellery completely before wearing again. Remember: We recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned once a year.